High Low ♡ How's it going?

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New favorite
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Songs I have on repeat right now
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"Muscle to muscle and toe to toeThe fear has gripped me but here I goMy heart sinks as I jump upYour hand grips hand as my eyes shut”
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Nothing needs to be said about this (Ironic I know)
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The video is all kinds of WTF but the song itself is beautiful.
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Now hang me up to dryYou wrung me out too, too, too many timesNow hang me up to dryI’m pearly like the whites wh-whites of your eyes
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But I don’t like your bandYour styleYour soundNo, I don’t like your bandIt’s tiredNot nowI don’t like your musicI’m just not into itIt’s not you, it’s not youIt’s your tunesI don’t like your band
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How many times can I blow it allHow many times will I burn it downGive me a reason to stay aliveI’ve got the feeling we’re gonna die
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No Better by Lorde
"Now the days are getting coolerAnd the burning of our limbs doesn’t happen quite as bad and the burnings dry skin.Deep in the fantasies and dreams of the winter like the moviesThat we watch that pretend it wasn’t winterAnd everywhere we go I can feel the subtle taste of the Dtalk groan and the welcome overstayedAnd you’re no better at swimming than you were in the beginning but you come over at night and we practice all the breathing”
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"I don’t need youBut I want youI don’t mean toBut I love you”